Editing of the first part of the Glossary which contains names of geographic areas, rivers, mountains etc.



Participation at national and international colloquiums with papers related to the project topic


Prof. Florica BECHET - view list

Prof. ioana COSTA   - view list

Lect. Maria-Luiza DUMiTRU OANCEA - view list

                Doina DOROFTEI - veiew list

Papers related to the project topic (see Articles)


  • Books with theoretical implications for the basic research of the project


  • Elaboration of the inter-active maps for editing the CD and the web page.



  • The Round table Criteria of transliteration of the Greek and Latin proper names into Romanian, organized by the Institute of  Classical Studies and the Institute of Linguistics

Iorgu Iordan - Al. Rosetti” of the Romanan Academy, December 5, 2007